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open mind 2010 march

For the Open Mind edition of March 2010 professor Henk Broer, choreographer Guy Weizman and media artist Adri Schokker worked together intensively for a short period of time. On Friday the 19th of March they gave a brief presentation of their thoughts and findings in a shop-space in the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat. The theme of the project was ‘resonance and choreographies.’

video of the performance
video of the workproces

Henk Broer
is an expert in the field of non-linear dynamic systems, which, in everyday life, is known as ‘chaos-theory’. In short, the chaos theory proves that a small difference in certain starting values may have a huge effect on the outcome.

Guy Weizman is a choreographer who goes to the limit, when it comes to dance. In the past he thoroughly researched the chaos theory, and then based a number of performances on it.

Adri Schokker is a media artist who manifests himself through interactive installations, video films, performances and theatrical designs. He finds inspiration in many different fields, and his research is very thorough.
Read his blog here

Henk Broer, Guy Weizman and Adri Schokker spent five days studying the theme resonance and choreographies. During this period they would ask themselves questions like: “What is sound?” and “How can sound influence matter?” This brought them to resonance in the universe, and then to Henon-Heiles; a toy-model of the universe, which makes chaotic areas of the universe visible too. This subsequently led to the mathematical representation of the fourth dimension.

This is a space that was described by Henk Broer as a space that includes two oscillators (x and y), that both have a certain speed (x’ and y’), and so form four dimensions. Guy Weizman described this four-dimensionality in terms of his choreographic possibilities, like working with volume, instead of with direction only.

Adri Schokker interpreted it as a ’cubistic’ space, from where you can view four-dimensional objects from all different angles, at the same time.

Both Guy and Adri were trying to find a way to ‘automatize’ their work. Guy set his mind on designing a choreography-machine, in which you can enter different kinds of data (movements), that, according to Henon-Heiles formulas, can be applied forever. In Guy’s own words: “to let go!”

Adri wanted to do something similar with his findings. He wanted to create a machine that doesn’t just illustrate the things he makes up himself, but instead, demonstrates images that are calculated by a computer.

During the research process with Henk Broer, Guy and Adri actually tried to understand and to apply the formulas to their work. This wasn’t easy. In the end, Guy and Adri made a four-dimensional video choreography together, in which four different limbs of a dancer all moved separately in their own dimension, directed by Broer’s formulas. The video-choreography will be further developed during the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival.
During the presentation a resonance experiment was also conducted, and people were asked to throw large balls, eggs and plates in different levels of resonance.

Another playful installation was a Lasker simulation: here, small balls representing planets would rotate like an ellipse, until they would collide, due to small, long term deviations.
The participants were inspired by the collaboration, and will continue their research together. Let’s get ready for the next project.

how it all started

At the first meeting they decided that the focus of their research should be on acoustic levitation, at the request of Guy, as this is a field that hasn’t had much attention yet. Later on they decided on a broader approach: they will research how sound can influence matter, starting off with simple questions: What is sound, how does it travel and how do different sound frequencies influence each other? How will a choreography turn out, when it consists of different sound resonances that have an affect on each other?

Resonance: when two or more oscillating (vibrating or swinging/ dancing) movements work together, within a system.

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who / what / where
theme resonance choreographies
participants: Henk Broer, Guy Weizman and Adri Schokker

date March 19th 2010
between 17.00-18.00h
location Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 22
see here google maps
atmittance free

productional / technical realisation Pavlov E-lab
financial support Kunstraad e-culturefonds, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Groningen, Ebbingekwartier en Provincie Groningen.
thanks to Club Guy & Roni