Pavlov E-Lab organizes open lectures that unite art and science in an adventurous way, under the name Open Mind. Different subject are explored from different angles and by people from diffrent fields, like scientists, artists, architects, composers or dancers. The participants are asked to express their views on the topics and on the research involved, from their own professional point of view. By bringing different disciplines together, new results, questions and solutions emerge, which are discussed and researched further by the team.

continuous process
Open Mind is a continuous process. New participants are inspired by their predecessors, and then continue the research within the scope of their own discipline. The final results are presented during a number of open lectures that will be given somewhere in the public space of the city of Groningen. Admittance to the lectures is free.
The Noorderzon theatre festival is a partner of Pavlov for the Open Mind project. Open Mind is made possible with the help of Provincie Groningen, the Groningen Provincial Council

why open mind
Human beings want things to be of importance, and arts and science give expression to this this. In science the analysis of the world is central (‘explanation’), whereas in arts it is all about interpretation of the world (‘experience’); in both cases new territories are sought and intensive research of, and reflections on, reality are researched.