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Open Mind / 2011 june

In June Pavlov E-lab presents a new Open Mind session at the Nacht van de Kunst & Wetenschap in Groningen.
(Night of Art & Sience)

Elisabetta Pallante (theoretical physics) and Ryan Chiechi (organic chemistry) explore the theme families/lines of belonging together with media artists Sophie Clements and Mo Stoebe. Their take on the theme: to not show connections, but the breaking of connections. Their focus lies on 'the moment of change'; a transition between a bound state and a broken state of things. Sophie came up with a system of 150 camera positions around an event in the middle of a circle.

The other team, Jan Komdeur (biology), Melinda Mills (sociology) and media artist Chantalla Pleiter explore the same theme: Chantalla developed an interactive matching system in which DNA data from Jan and dating data from Melinda would be the matching criteria for an interactive play with the audience. Standing in a grid they would experience levels of connectivity with the other audience members. Together they explored the possibility of connecting data to music.

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theme Families/Lines of belonging

participants: Elisabetta Pallante, Ryan Chiechi, Sophie Clements,Mo Stoebe, Jan Komdeur, Melinda Mills, Chantalla Pleiter and composer Dennis van Tilburg.
date June 4th
location Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5 Groningen