about us

It was a large room. Full of people. All kinds. And they had all arrived at the same building at more or less the same time. And they were all free. And they were all asking themselves the same question: What is behind that curtain?' (Laurie Anderson)

Pavlov E-Lab wants to explore new territories within and beyond the art world, that are related to new media and film. Under the name Open Mind / Art.Interact.Science Pavlov will be working on creative projects together with different scientists in the next couple of years.

The current core members of Pavlov E-Lab are: Nathalie Beekman (artistic director) and Carla Wolbers (production manager).
Floris Maathuis (technical director), Thuur Caris (conceptor), Marjan Moes (communication manager),
Peter Sloots (programmer) and Hugomatic (graphic designer) are part of the team on a project basis.