open mind

open mind 2008

In 2008 Pavlov started off with a small-scale collaboration of artists and scienctists, and arranged two lectures outside, in the street. For this project Bert Otten, a professor of Neuro mechanics of the UMCG (the University Medical Centre of Groningen) and Kees Hummelen, professor of Organic chemistry of the RUG (the University of Groningen) worked together with theatre designer Maarten Kastelijns and media artist Jan Klug. The subjects were the tumultuous technological development of solar cells, with the so-called Bucky balls, Hummelen's research, and the fascinating movement research of Otten, in which he analyses bodily and mental functioning that occurs when functional movements are created.

The audience that turned up spontaneously was a witness to this. Although the emphasis was on the scientific debate, it was clear that there are a lot more opportunities for interaction between the artists and scientists.

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who / what / where
subject neuro mecanics and solar cells
participants Bert Otten, Kees Hummel, Maarten Kastelijns and Jan Klug.

date Monday August 25 and Friday August 29 2008
location the Beurs-tent the Stadsbalkon, the new plaza in front of Groningen Central Station
atmittance free
duration 50 minutes
technical and productional realization: Pavlov Medialab and Noorderzon
financial support Provincie Groningen