open mind

open mind 2009

Two teams of artists and scientists embarked on a collective creative process, regarding two research questions.

how do birds fly?
Professor of Bionics, John Videler (of the RUG) worked together with media artist Adri Schokker and dancer Jussi Nousiainen on the research question How do Birds Fly? Videler researched the build and working of the wings of swifts for a number of years. His findings, that could very well be applied in the development of a new aeroplane wing, formed the basis for an artistic self-analysis of the artists. Adri Schokker researched the desire to fly, and the (im)possibilities of his own body in order to fly, with a cinematic approach. Jussi Nousiainen researched how the wing movement of swifts could be translated to a personal dance movement vocabulary. A number of Edweard Muybridge-like experiments brought their seperate discoveries together. Videlerís scientific fascination and his many years of research that are now fully integrated in his everyday life, turned out to be a great source of inspiration. The presentation of their findings was a performance in word, dance and audiovisual images.

how does nature fold?
Professor of bionics, Julian Vincent (of Bath University) worked together with interior architect Carolijn Slottje. of Onix Architecten and composer Renger Koning on the research question 'How does Nature Fold?' Biologist Vincent has cross bonded with engineers, architects and artists throughout his life. His statement that everything in nature unfolds and that it is possible to read how and why leaves on trees will unfold from their veins, was the basis for the architects to create an unfoldable pavillion. The interior architect made an unfoldable lamp whose folding construction is a mechanism at the same time, and the composer researched the ëunfolding momentí in musical compositions. The presentation of their findings was a demonstration of the working of the prototypes of the products they had created.

The collaboration of these last two projects was more intense than the first edition, but again the scientist was more of an inspirational source than an equal partner.

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who / what / where
subject bionics
participants How do Birds Fly?
John Videler, Jussi Nousiainen and Adri Schokker.
participants How does Nature Fold?
Julian Vincent, Carolijn Slottje, Renger Koning and Ricard Hernandez and Mark Sekuur, Winfried Zwier and Eefje van der Wiel of Onix Architecten

dates Friday August 28 and Saturday August 29
location on the church green of the Nieuwe Kerk
address Nieuwe Kerkhof 1, Groningen
duration 45 min
admittance free